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Strategy & Customer-centric Product Management




Before jumping into the solution, we take the time to understand your needs and challenges, and define adequate goals.




#1 DISCOVER & Learn

Within the first phase of the repeating cycle, we empathize with the user through customer development techniques & identify needs and pain points.


#2 Explore & Validate

Next, we design a coherent value proposition and prove it through lean UX and
data-driven hypotheses-testing.




#3 Deploy & Improve

Before the cycle starts again, we build the features that create the most customer-value & deliver them continuously through Scrum / Kanban / DevOps.


Agile Talent on Demand


The right talent is of paramount importance to build products that users love. In order to ramp-up your agile organization quickly we provide you with people with the right skillset and attitude. These agile roles comprise of: Agile Coach / Scrum Master, Solution Architect, Product Owner, DevOps Engineer, UX/UI, Frontend Dev, Backend Dev.

Cultural & Leadership Transformation


Implementing the agile paradigm into an organization changes the style of leadership. As managers become leaders enabling cross-functional teams and define the 'WHY' & 'WHAT' rather than the 'HOW', organizational structures need to adapt to that new reality. We provide insight and hands-on support to support that transformation.



Car-on-Demand Platform & On-Board Connectivity Solution

Innovation advisory & project management of a carsharing platform with regard to product roadmap, supply chain & roll-out in EU5 countries and business case modelling


Chatbot Solution in Banking

Product management of a customer care chatbot for retail banking within roll-out phase & Project lead for development of a B2B chatbot with a start-up for an investment banking client


Körber Digital

Körber Digital

Smart Factory Venture Development

Scrum master / agile coach & venture development of industrial IoT initiatives within Smart Factory Sprint & Scrum facilitation at a specific edge connectivity solution for production lines

ERGO Digital Lab

Data-enabled Smart Home Insurance

Market entry & product strategy for a Smart Home insurance bundle consisting of sensor hardware; insurance contract and assistance service in collaboration with a major TelCo provider

Ergo Digital Lab

Domain Experts


Alexander Schumacher

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Wrangling
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics

Alex joined D:C to become a part of an agile team that provides innovative solutions to a wide array of customers. He has an engineering background and previously worked in the research and development departments of major automotive manufacturers. There he helped create cutting edge technologies in areas as diverse as autonomous driving, advanced diagnostics, predictive maintenance and car sharing. Before joining D:C, Alex worked at the management and IT consultancy MHP, helping their clients excel. He is passionate about data, mixed martial arts and shaping the future with agile solutions.


Benjamin Kaleja

  • Managing Consultant & Founder
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Venture Development
  • Agile Product Management

Benjamin founded D:C in 2016 out of his curiosity of emerging technologies and his passion to create user-centric business models. He has a deep expertise in venture development, product management & agile methods and helped clients such as Volkswagen, ERGO Digital Lab and Körber Digital to shape their digital footprint through venturing activities in the area of connected devices and services. He has an engineering background and is advisor of the startup BrighterAI. Before founding D:C he worked for the Berlin-based venture capital fund IBB Bet. which enabled him to build a strong network in the startup ecosystem.


Jan Lampe

  • Managing Consultant
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Agile Coaching

Jan joined D:C with the motivation to expand a high performance team that enables both the creation of today’s customer value and the active shaping of tomorrow’s business environment. His background in engineering and economics is what makes him intensively engaged at the intersection between the domains of technology, innovation, and strategy. His most valuable assets are his cross-sector expertise, international competencies, and entrepreneurial orientation, which he acquired through various projects as a consultant, project manager and promoter of startup events. In his doctoral thesis he examined different influencing factors of entrepreneurial behaviour within established firms.


Sebastian Tan

  • UX Consultant
  • User Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Design

Sebastian has been working with D:C since 2016 and brings experience as a UX consultant to the team. He specialises in design thinking, user research, UX/UI design, usability testing and prototyping. He gained a variety of experiences working in banking, construction and marketing, and has a business degree. His passion for great user experiences and customer focus developed in the banking sphere, where he worked with consultants using the Lean methodology. Since then he has developed and leveraged all the skills and knowledge from his varied background to bring great experiences to users and solve complex problems through design.


We are looking for:

  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Product Managers
  • Data Scientists

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